Bolstyr is a decentralized platform that enables content creators to create and publish content without any fees.

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About Us

We offer creators an opportunity to receive payment for their work in a low fee crypto environment.

Working on the blockchain is what allows us to create a decentralized content creation platform. However, that also comes with typical blockchain costs. With Bolstyr, we do everything we can to keep costs to a minimum. From our end, there are zero fees included for creators. We strive to empower creators to reach their maximum potential, and it all starts with keeping costs to a minimum.

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Brand Ambassadors

Mark Striegl
UFC Fighter
Natan Levy
UFC Fighter
Nicole Kirkland
Professional Dancer
Kris Lawrence
Singer, Songwriter & Producer
Myrtle Sarrosa
Actress & Gamer
Eric Tai
TV & Events host - Gamer
Joross Gamboa
Actor, Director & Producer
Abdullahi - (itsyaboymaina)
TikTok Influencer


Zero Fee

On Bolstyr, content creators will not miss any of their well deserved profit. When we say zero fees, we mean zero fees. No platform fees. No spilt commission.
100% of the subscription funds go directly to the creator.

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Meet The Team

We have formulated a team with a largely diverse set of skills to help turn our vision into reality.

Philip Devine

Philip Devine

  • Founder of Riveted Games
  • CEO of CryptoBlades
Yiannis Kastritis
Development Lead

Yiannis Kastritis

  • Product Lead for Vulcan-Verse
  • Project Manager of Cryptoblades
Kevin Abdulrahman

Kevin Abdulrahman

  • Motivational Speaker to Fortune 500 Companies & Leading Governments


Gambit Studios

Blockchain and Web Development

Ted Ekhdahl

Front-end Web Developer

Nisha Droch

UI/UX Designer


Our partners are leading experts and front-running developers in content creation services and user aquation/experience.

They help us succeed just as much as we help them.

Our Partnerships are thought-out and strategic. We are all working to build this space together.

They are the building blocks after a strong team and foundation.


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